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Consumer Insights Latam Q1 2022
Hard times for the whole world. Although Latin America has lower impact from the war in Ukraine than Europe, price increases were already high and have maintained their pace. Such high inflation means 20% less purchasing power for FMCG, compared to two years ago.

Understand what happened to consumption habits in the first quarter of 2022:

- Most impacted baskets, especially due to consumers’ streamlining their spending;
- Out-of-home behaviour, as restrictions are minimum;
- Countries where consumption was most/least affected; with performance highlights;
- Emerging relationships with channels in times of economic choices, especially for low socioeconomic levels;
- How the price increase was absorbed, and reflections for the future.

Be sure not to miss the even and hear from our experts where the growth opportunities are for the FMCG industry in this changing environment.


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Cecilia Alva
Client &NB Director Latam @Kantar
Mara Schuvaks
Regional Account Director @Kantar