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AI for Brand Growth in China’s Evolving FMCG Market
China’s FMCG market has progressed in a number of aspects over the last 5 years from the evolution of eCommerce and O2O to the rise of local brands. In the recent one year COVID-19 has changed the way that consumers shop and the products they buy so the path to growth looks very different for many categories and brands.

Kantar Worldpanel is uniquely placed to understand how these trends have impacted shopper behaviour and more importantly how manufacturers and retailers can find growth in the future.

In this webinar we will share the latest consumer trends and the outlook for 2021 as well as demonstrating how we can forecast and find future growth for your category and brands through the use of AI/ML solutions.

• FMCG Latest Consumer Trends & Forecast for 2021
• Utilising AI for Brand Growth
• KWP’s Simulation Tools to Optimise Marketing Investments

Kindly note that all presentations will be in Chinese.

Originally aired:
19 May 2021


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