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Media Trends & Predictions 2022
Media Trends and Predictions 2022
Against a backdrop of loosened COVID restrictions and optimism over early economic recovery, those in the marketing and media industries prepare for 2022 with numerous questions about the directions in which the German media industry will evolve and which opportunities they can leverage early to get ahead of competitors.

Join us in this webinar where our German media team will explore key findings from our new Media Trends and Predictions 2022 report. The report draws upon our unique Kantar expertise and insights to explore five key themes that will impact media in the coming year in Germany, enabling businesses to get a head start on navigating the risks and exploiting the opportunities across what will be a pivotal 12 months for media. Highlights include:

- Key post-pandemic consumer behaviours and media engagement

- Preparing for a cookie-free future

- Advertisers’ evolving engagement with data to identify new opportunities

- Video streaming: what next for this ever-evolving market

- The evolution of performance media and marketing in 2022

The webinar will be held in English.

Originally aired: 27 January 2022


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