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Purpose: A north star for growth in turbulent times
Throughout 2020 we asked thousands of consumers, ‘What is the main thing brands should do in this moment?’. Initially, the answers focused on being practical and realistic. Then there was a shift at the beginning of 2021, where over a third of consumers wanted brands ‘to guide the change’ needed in society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a much-discussed inflection point on people’s values, needs and behaviours – in short, it has made us pause and think about what is important in both the short and long-term. The unsettling reality is that most of the change is yet to come. And in a period of economic, social and health crises, people are calling on brands to take an active role in building a positive future.

Join us in our latest COVID-19 webinar where we will discuss how purposeful brands can unlock mutual growth and how to overcome purpose paralysis through the key principles of success.

Originally aired:
27 April 2021


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