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Creating impact in a connected world – our media and creative learnings session uncovers opportunities and challenges forecast for 2022, expecting it to be a critical year for most.
Successful campaigns start with clear human insight and tell stories that resonate consistently across all touchpoints, both online and off. They communicate a meaningful difference, generate sales in the short-term, build brands in the long-term and have the power to increase ROI ten-fold.

But, if only 20% of our touchpoints typically deliver 80% of the impact for a brand, what can we learn to do better? Does this suggest we should put all our marketing eggs in one media basket? Kantar research shows that if creatives are optimised for each context we achieve the best returns on media investment, but it’s not just about matching luggage. With the rise in digital investment, a campaign with strong synergy and overarching idea is becoming an increasingly important driver to brand performance.

Whilst many marketers suggest they will increase their investment behind digital, it’s important to understand your audience and their tolerance of ads in this environment. Digital viewers want to be in control, so cracking creative in this environment requires some careful thought.

The pandemic saw many brands turning to purpose and performance-based media and marketing strategies to survive. Now, as restrictions loosen and the early stages of economic recovery begin, there’s been a rebalance of media investment across channels, with growth predicted.
Join us for a media and creative learnings session where we also uncover the opportunities and challenges forecast for 2022, in full expectation that it will be a critical year for most.


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