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BrandZ Insights 2021: US Media & Entertainment
Besides battling the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire world, Americans are responding to a divisive presidential election and the resurgent drive to build a more just society. Because of the central role brands play in American life, these forces present unique challenges and opportunities. In our BrandZ™ Insights 2021: US Media & Entertainment report, we’ve utilized our analytics and expertise throughout Kantar to help brand marketers better understand changing American consumer behavior and navigate successfully in a future that promises to be filled with surprises and disruptions. Join Kantar media experts Nicole Jones and Gregory Aston as they discuss trends that are reshaping the US brand landscape, such as the pivot to home, the emergence of new occasions, and the changing nature of loyalty and trust; two key imperative for brand growth: diversity and inclusion, and sustainability; and some of the most salient challenges facing brands going forward and forecasted changes in the media universe.


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Nicole Jones
Senior Vice President, Growth & Strategy, Media Effectiveness @Kantar
Gregory Aston
Global Chief Research Officer, Media @Kantar
Aaron Peterson
Senior Director, Marketing @Kantar