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Media Reactions 2022: Which ad platforms do people prefer?
It continues to be a challenging time for media investment. It was quick to be cut when the pandemic hit then came back with the economic recovery in 2021. Now it faces the impact of inflation. Meanwhile, the number of digital advertising platforms has exploded and digital spend continues to grow.

So how do you know how consumer and marketer attitudes have changed? Or which media brands do consumers now prefer?

Media Reactions is an annual study that explores the evolving media landscape to help advertisers, media agencies and media owners navigate media decisions. This year it shares insights from around 18,000 consumers and 1,000 senior marketers globally. It provides a long-term perspective on what people expect from advertising environments, particularly content-led and social media.

Watch our webinar where Kantar’s media experts share new findings from the study and discuss the strategic dilemmas facing marketers today. Find out:

- how consumers and marketers perceive advertising platforms
- the ranking of consumers’ most preferred media channels and brands
- how perceptions of media channels and brands have changed
- and much more…


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