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Session 3 : How to sleep better at night: Improve clarity, transparency, and excellence in digital performance for you, your teams, and your agencies
In the post-pandemic world, business leaders expect there will need to be a fundamental rethink of businesses and strategies: 90% of them expect changes to consumer behaviour established during the pandemic to persist post-crisis. (*) The global pandemic has accelerated the importance of getting digital channel performance right as consumers have shifted to a new normal of more time online.  

To adapt you need to be confident to integrate multiple data sources to derive meaningful insights. Beginning with your next campaign and expanding to encompass organisation-wide performance programmes we will show you how managing your digital data ecosystem can help you, your teams and your agencies all sleep better at night. 

In this webinar we reveal how we have helped some of the world’s largest organisations meet this challenge and answer three key areas:     

• How to create a data driven culture and evidence-based decisions
• How to overcome internal barriers and siloes to democratise access to data
• How to evolve business capabilities towards real-time and predictive enablement

 (*) Kantar Global Business Compass 2020

Originally aired:
7 April 2021


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