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Rethinking customer centricity – How Hyundai Europe transformed customer experience
Customer experience is the single biggest driver of brand growth, successful brands put customer centricity at the heart of the business.

Now more than ever there is a necessity for brands to adapt the way they deliver to customers and ensure they optimise the moments that matter most. This rings especially true in the automotive sector, where customer touchpoints like servicing and test drives have a significant effect on the overall brand perception.

In this Kantar & Medallia webinar we will be joined by Marcel Rudic, Head of Customer Service, Hyundai Europe, who will talk us through the changes Hyundai made to their customer journeys to create positive customer moments. We will also explore significant themes and trends we have seen across the automotive sector and how across 2021 automotive brands can use these to ensure they have a significant competitor advantage.

Originally aired:
28 April 2021


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