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How to navigate the emotional world of sustainability in advertising - listen to our webinar to find out how to make your sustainability campaigns resonate.
Environmental and social challenges are defining issues of our age. People worldwide expect businesses and governments to take responsibility and address them. Brands, therefore, have an important role to play, yet many have been accused of greenwashing or jumping on the bandwagon.

The number of ads that address social and environmental issues has tripled since 2016, but consumers aren’t convinced of brands’ intentions. In fact, 64% of people globally worry that brands are involved in these issues for profit only. How can you address sustainability in your campaigns in a way that is authentic for your brand and motivates people to behave sustainably? The challenge is more acute for established brands than those born out of pure purpose.

Our data shows that sustainability messaging alone doesn’t drive advertising performance. Some ads make people feel worse or cause rejection. The top-performing ads engage viewers in a positive way, striking the right balance between problem and solution.

Join our webinar to find out how to make your sustainability campaigns resonate, drive change and support your brand’s sustainability goals. Experts from Kantar and Affectiva explore findings from their databases, Emotion AI analysis, and share case studies to illustrate best practice. You’ll learn:

• The opportunities and the pitfalls of communicating sustainability
• How to help consumers bridge the value-action gap - the difference between what people say and what they do
• Which psychological levers will work best
• Hope or guilt? The role of emotion in communicating sustainability
• And more…


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