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Who Cares, Who Does? 2020 - The increased opportunity in environmental concern
Climate change and plastic are still top concerns for consumers, but did the actions they take change during COVID-19? How do solutions to reduce environmental impact differ by category? What is the most sustainable and growing group of the population and how do they behave?

Following up on our 2019 Who Cares, Who Does?, our global study on attitudes and actions towards living sustainably and reducing environmental waste, this year’s publication provides updated and new insights in this area. The 2020 report is based on the results of a survey covering more than 80,000 respondents from 19 countries across Europe, Latam, US and Asia, and explores how manufacturers and retailers look to meet their environmental commitments and bring more consumers with them.

Join us for a webinar on September 16th when our expert Natalie Babbage, Global LinkQ Director, will share with you the main findings to understand what consumers expect from your brand around sustainability.


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