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The Global Inclusion Imperative
Around the world, consumers are boldly calling for equity and inclusion — demanding governments, non-profit organizations and businesses take action. A new generation’s influence is gaining ground, sparking a step-change in cultural attitudes that is less biased, more receptive, and increasingly inclusive. This is creating a global inclusion imperative brands can’t afford to ignore: inclusion is the right thing to do and necessary for brands to grow. Bringing previously overlooked groups into the fold is the way to forge a more equitable and prosperous future.
Join us at noon on July 28th, as we provide new insight into the state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in an unprecedented look across the global landscape with the launch of our latest offerings featuring newly released 2021 Global MONITOR data. During this webinar, we’ll dig into consumers’ attitudes about inclusion globally and regionally to explore issues such as:
• How is diversity, equity and inclusion playing out around the world?
• Which markets identify as most diverse and inclusive?
• What social issues or marginalized groups are consumers most concerned about?
• What are consumer brand expectations around DEI?
• Where should brands focus to provide a more inclusive brand experience?

Originally aired:
28 July 2021


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