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The new normal: digitally accelerated trends in EMEA & APAC
As the past year has shown us, the world has become increasingly unpredictable. Consumer trends are changing fast and businesses are weaving into the new normal.

Brands can capitalise from emerging demand signals across a range of categories and demographics in Asia Pacific and EMEA in order to keep up with product innovation and communications. But what is the new normal when it comes to trends? What are trends and what are fads? Which data can we trust and how do we use it?

Kantar’s Digital Analytics (Dx) platform uses search, social and digital analytics data to reveal trends and fads at scale and speed.

In this webinar, we will cover:
• Why and how trends matter today – the new normal
• How to use AI, technology and big data at speed and scale to uncover emerging trends
• How other brands are re-thinking about trends and how they are using the latest tools and techniques

Originally aired:
21 September 2021


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