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Voice of Opportunity - COVID-19 A Year On
As the world faces another year impacted by COVID-19, let’s explore what is unfolding in Asia. As consumer needs and behaviours change; a set of unique opportunities are developing, essential to the pivot brands and businesses need to take in order to thrive. But what are the new norms and consumer trends we are seeing emerge? And where do the opportunities lie for brands and businesses to focus on for the future?

Join the latest webinar to hear from a host of Kantar’s regional experts, specifically the webinar will cover:

• The voice of the consumer. How have consumers’ concerns and needs changed since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020? We explore the latest data around the impact on categories, channels and consumer purchase patterns, and ultimately the role companies are expected to play to help consumers through this unprecedented crisis.

• Sustaining growth in a post-pandemic future. COVID-19 has forced consumers and brands alike to rethink their priorities. The events of the past year have driven significant attitudinal and behaviour changes – but which of these are here to stay? And how can you navigate these?

• Get ready for the new norm. The world is still getting ready for changes. We witnessed consumers’ reactions and shopper behaviour shifts which reshaped the market landscape. 2021, Kantar guides you through what to expect to kick start active planning for a prosperous future and shares how winning brands thrived through the changes and smart brands strived against challenges.

Register now to learn more about the current and future state of business in Asia and uncover vital consumer understanding to help you and your business succeed in times of crisis.

Originally aired:
24 March 2021


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