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Future-Proof Your Brand’s Sustainable Transformation Goals
A brand’s sustainability credentials – its commitment and delivery on environmental and social issues such as Inclusion – increasingly matter to stakeholders and have been shown to influence consumer purchasing decisions. Understanding online conversation is critical to understanding sustainability – so, we have decoded 1.1bn digital conversations and searches to help you better understand the sustainability landscape and help you to accelerate your Sustainable Transformation goals.

In this webinar we will reveal the 100 Most Sustainable Brands* – based on what people in the UK read, what they say and what they search for online. We’ll also explore how we can help you understand and predict future sustainability trends and behaviours to ensure long term growth for your brand.
*most closely aligned to the UN’s key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

*Please note, we have since updated our data from 3.6bn, and now have 9.3B volume of tagged posts and 1.1B unique data points.


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