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Media Reactions 2021: Find out where great ads thrive
As people’s media behaviour continues to evolve in the face of the pandemic, brands struggle to stay relevant. Great advertising needs great media environments, but understanding the quality of a media placement is becoming increasingly complex.
During the crisis, many budgets were squeezed and marketers turned to brands they trust. The winning brands and platforms were those that were quick to adapt and innovate. As we emerge into a new media landscape, brands need to understand which consumer and marketer attitudes have changed, and which stayed the same. Which media brands retained their appeal? And which have grown stronger?
Media Reactions is an annual study that explores the evolving media landscape based on interviews with consumers and marketers around the world.
Join our webinar to find out how consumers and marketers perceive media channels and brands, how perceptions have changed over the past 12 months and how to stay relevant in the evolving media landscape. Media experts from Kantar will share findings from the study and discuss the strategic dilemmas facing marketers today.

Originally aired:
9 September 2021


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