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Brand Footprint 2022: Africa & Middle East Most Chosen FMCG Brands
2021 was another interesting year for FMCG brands in the Africa & Middle East region. Thanks to our continuous consumer panels, we know which brands shoppers are picking up the most from the shelves.

On the 22nd of June we will unveil the Most Chosen FMCG Brands in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

In this webinar our experts will take you through the most important findings, including:
• A global overview on how consumer choice has changed over time and what has remained consistent
• What brands and manufacturers should keep in mind for the upcoming year
• The ranking of the world’s most chosen FMCG brands in each country
• Which brands gained the most shoppers in 2021
• Case studies of successful brands from across the region

If you are not able to attend the webinar, sign up anyways to watch it on demand at your most convenient time.


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