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Session 1 : Connecting Purpose to People
Purpose is a key driver to brand growth and we know that brands with a strong purpose grow much faster than others (BrandZ). Consumers want and expect purposeful behaviour from brands and for them to maintain a core promise that makes a positive difference to their lives. 

Digital has a unique role in connecting Purpose to People. In a context where brands need to be authentic, meaningfully different, and experience-led, digital data is a powerful source of insight – it is global, honest, real-time, and unprompted.   
In this session we will explore three key questions you should be asking yourself and find out how other brands are successfully finding growth in this space:  

• What to communicate? The territories my brand can align to and how they relate to people what matters to people.

• Who to talk to? The communities my purpose matters to, unveiling their passions and what will resonate and influence them.

• How to activate? How well my brand does and how can it become a trusted authority in my purpose territories, what channels or partners could I work with to amplify my message.

Originally aired:
7 April 2021


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