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Realising the value of good intentions in Sustainable Transformation
How to navigate the transformational journey and help close the value-action gap for your audiences in Asia-Pacific.

The business case for Sustainability is clear, with brands recognising the opportunity in addressing and changing their business practice.

What’s more, consumers are eager to see change too. But 3 in 4 Asians admit that when they shop, their mind is more on saving money than saving the planet. So, whilst we are starting to see innovative actions solutions and initiatives appear, is that enough to see success, both for businesses and for consumers?

Join Kantar’s sustainability experts along with Coca-Cola and urban farm start-up Sustenir, as we explore;

• What consumers in Asia want from brands to help in the sustainable movement
• The common barriers faced by consumers in adopting new behaviours. Where the gaps lie in even the most well-intentioned initiatives
• The challenges faced by businesses throughout their transformational journey, including first-hand experiences from Coca-Cola and Sustenir, and Actionable tactics to enhance your organisations activity and close the value-action gap


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