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Global FMCG growth already back to pre-pandemic levels
By the end of September 2021, FMCG growth had already slowed down to just +0.8% – a quicker deceleration than forecast driven by declines seen in Europe. In that period the Health & Beauty sector has bounced back into growth it is Beverage that is driving this performance.

Join us on 25 January, when we will hear from our Shopper & Retail experts Stéphane Roger and Ricardo Oie who will be taking us through the latest take-home FMCG trends including:

Take-home FMCG performance to the end of Q3 by market, sector and category
Ecommerce growth also seeing a slowdown but remains the fastest growing channel
Shoppers continue seeking cheaper alternatives in-store
Our initial forecasts for 2022 for the industry and by channel

Originally aired: 25 January 2022


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