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A Snapshot of Malaysia Take-home Groceries in 2020
We all have experienced a very different year in 2020. With series of MCO implemented, shoppers are forced to change the way how they work, socialised, and shop for groceries. As for manufacturer end, many are kept in the dark not knowing how different the grocery market is now. Would you be still doing the exact same marketing campaign as pre-COVID to grow your brand? Do you think your shoppers still have the same priorities when it comes to product selection?
Through this webinar, we will discuss:
• How does the overall take-home groceries perform?
• Where have shoppers shifted their grocery spending to?
• The dynamic of retail landscape
• Change of habitual purchase from shopper perspective
We believe this will give you a sense of the current market and what are the key directions to focus on 2021 onwards.

Originally aired:
10 March 2021


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