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Turn up the volume: How to make your brand’s voice heard with better guidance programmes
In a post pandemic world, marketing and insights roles have become more complex and, in many cases, a lot harder. Making great brand decisions has never been more important or more challenging, meaning that your brand's voice needs to work a lot harder to drive success.
Join our webinar to hear Kantar experts explain how you can get your brand voice heard more loudly, at the right times, to compel positive action.
In this session you’ll discover the latest innovations in Brand Measurement and Analytics that empower great brand decisions. Our experts will highlight new behaviours for success and give you the tools that will help you to:
• Drive commercial value
• Accurately balance short and long-term growth
• Unlock the new post pandemic behaviour and attitude opportunities
• Predict what’s next, not just what’s happening now
• Improve marketing effectiveness and ROI

Originally aired:
2 November 2021


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