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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Brand Growth in Thailand: Leading through Augmented Intelligence in the Data Capital Era
Thailand’s economic outlook and consumer sentiment continues to be impacted by the continuing COVID19 pandemic. Particularly the recent events have put the nation in a stir reminding us about the importance of personal health, financial security, and our nation’s economic future.

For Thailand’s fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, the move from Descriptive analytics to Predictive analytics is essential for manufacturers and brands to make more agile decisions backed by powerful consumer purchase data.

In this session, we will share the latest Thailand In-home FMCG market outlook and the advanced forecasting approaches that help companies calibrate their plans for the near to long-term period.

The Power of Demand Forecasting – in volatile times, brands need guidance on potential growth and the levers to play with. Learn how Kantar’s people-based data can help calibrate strategies and plans for penetration or volume targets.

Mastering the Right Purchase Drivers – many things can contribute towards a shopper’s decision to buy a product: which one should be prioritized? Find out how to simulate the impact to the growth in penetration or sales by improving the brand or category’s purchase drivers.

Optimal Media Planning – the media vehicle also plays a role in the creating impact, as much as the message it is delivering. Strengthen your media plans through simulations of various media investments. Learn how various media platforms could drive short-term impact to value sales for the brand.

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Originally aired:
27 May 2021


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