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Discover the CX retail secrets hidden in plain sight
Retail has been one of the hardest-hit industries throughout the pandemic. Retailers have been challenged to make informed decisions about their CX strategy. The risk of not understanding what was working before the pandemic, and the implications of the new rhythms of life that are driving behaviour, means your strategy may fail to meet customers’ expectations.

Join our enlightening webinar uncovering learnings from across different retail sectors, with a special focus on fashion and grocery. We combine insights from CX+ 2020 with an understanding of the new customer landscape in COVID-19 times and into recovery. Find out how to mitigate short-term risk and find pockets of opportunity to gain the experience advantage and fend off future shocks.

CX+ is the only sector-specific study that analyses customer centricity holistically and pinpoints how to close the gap between customer experience and brand promise. It is informed by research in 17 countries, across over 1,000 brands and feedback from more than 100,000 people.

Would you have ever thought that fashion could learn a thing or two about brand promise from grocery? Well, it can.

Join us and shed light on the deepest secrets of CX.


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