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Winning Omnichannel 2022: Our annual guide to the global FMCG landscape
At the start of 2021, we knew that the extraordinary growth observed in 2020 was an effect of the restrictions on movement around the globe and not a trend.

By the end of the year we saw a slowdown in global value growth to just +2.1%, a similar growth rate we experienced pre-COVID. Whilst we also observed the continued steady growth of ecommerce globally but signs of stagnation in Western Europe.

In 2022 with rising inflation and the war in the heart of Europe, understanding these impacts on shopping behaviour and the retail structure is critical to shape effective strategies going forward.

Sign up for the webinar on April 28 when Stéphane Roger and Ricardo Oie, our Global Retail & Shopper experts, will walk us through our annual retail exploration with a deep dive into ecommerce performance, and our growth forecast to help you navigate in uncertain times.


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