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Building brands in challenging times
Securing future growth for your brand

This year is shaping up to be one of the most challenging for businesses in Kenya. Brands are facing strong head winds due to a tough macro-economic environment, upcoming elections, and the effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It's becoming increasingly difficult for brands to grow as consumers reprioritise their shopping habits.

Join our webinar as our brand and data integration experts unpack brand-building pillars we can leverage to cushion our brands from underlying shocks in the short-term and accelerate growth in the long-term.

Sagar Ramsinghani, Client Management Director and Ibrahim Wambugu Account Director, will answer these burning questions:
‒ What are the challenges brands are facing in Kenya?
‒ Why is brand building important and how can it cushion brands from market shocks?
‒ What are the ‘vital signs’ that underpin strong brands?
‒ What inspiration can Kenyan brands share?


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