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How to futureproof your brand by reimagining its role in society
Global food and energy crisis? Volatile elections and power struggles? Escalating climate emergency? How do you prioritise your actions and hold the attention of consumers when every day brings something new to worry about, creating confusion, distraction and cynicism?

To maintain and build brand value, brands must be clear on why they exist and they must connect with consumers through clear brand actions. Join us as we unveil how to futureproof your brand by reimagining its role in society, with insights from Kantar’s latest reports and studies. 

A snapshot of what we will share with you:

​​​​​​We’ll talk about why brands must start by understanding what really matters to consumers in their category and what role they’re expecting brands to play in society and in their own lives. Depending on whether you’re in laundry or drinks, tech or finance, those issues are going to be very different. And the issues are going to be different depending on which country you’re in in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region.

We’ll bust myths about what is real and what is not, based on some of our most asked questions from brands in MEA. Do consumers care more or less about sustainability as a result of the global food and energy crisis? Are consumers willing to pay more for socially and environmentally progressive products?

We’ll share success stories from brands in MEA, their responses to current crises and consumer expectations and how their brave bold actions are benefiting their brand value growth.

Consumers are watching and scrutinising how brands respond to the world’s challenges, so the social and environmental impact brands have is no longer just a nice to have. And the speed of change requires speed of action.


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Astrid Ricketts
Sustainability Director, MEA @Kantar
Joelle Farah
Associate Business Development Director, Middle East @Kantar
Ivan Moroke
CEO South Africa, Insights Division @Kantar
Tamara Ojeaga
Chief Client Officer, Nigeria @Kantar