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Media Reactions 2021 - South Africa
Media Reactions 2021: it's a piece of cake!

Our Media Reactions study unpacks the secret ingredients for media success in South Africa. With changed media behaviour and consumption, brands struggle to stay relevant. Great advertising needs great media environments, but understanding the quality of media placements is increasingly complex.
As we emerge into the new media landscape, brands need to understand which consumer and marketer attitudes have changed, and which have stayed the same. Which media brands have retained their appeal? And which have grown stronger?

We address three strategic media dilemmas:
1. As digital media consumption and digital media spend explode, how can brands maximise engagement across all the channels they use?
2. How can brands balance the benefits of scale provided by global media platforms with the promise of greater relevance from local media gems?
3. How can media brands strike the right balance between perceptions of trust and innovation, while maintaining appeal to marketers and consumers?

We spoke to 14,500 consumers and 900 senior marketers around the world including South Africa to get a better understanding on how to address these challenges:
1. The Digital Dilemma
2. Global vs Local Dilemma
3. The Innovator’s Dilemma

Originally aired:
19 October 2021


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