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Building a Data Foundation for an Insights Driven World
In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s important to have powerful insights that drive business decisions quickly across the organization. Technology continues to play a role providing not only access to data and insights, but time and cost efficiencies that will ultimately impact profitability.

Most businesses are data rich but insights poor. To overcome this challenge they invest in broad technologies to help ingest, enrich, harmonize and blend data from various sources and formats. Within the data to insight journey, the most time and resource intensive component is the compilation of data to answer specific business questions, and ability to reduce “time to insight” remains a critical business metric.

In this panel session we will ask global brands and industry experts about how they are ensuring that their companies are ahead of the curve in building a data foundation that enables faster decision making. We will explore the challenges they faced and how they successfully navigated those challenges, uncovering the datasets that meant the most and the role AI-powered technology has played in keeping them nimble enough to make informed decisions quickly.

Originally aired:
17 March 2021


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