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Sustainability: The India Story
Sustainability is not only good for the planet, it is also big business today. 77% of Indian consumers are willing to invest time and money supporting companies that do good, and in fact 74% are already factoring in Sustainability concerns, at least once in a while, when making purchase decisions.

More than ever, people are demanding that businesses as well as government take action and are looking to brands to take an active role in shaping the narrative for not just a new normal, but a new better.

Join Kantar’s experts in our India Sustainability practice launch webinar to:
• Discover the latest findings from our inaugural Sustainability report in India
• Identify the concerns of our society and how behaviour is evolving
• Understand the role brands can play in shaping the future and supporting positive change
• Learn how your brand can effectively approach sustainability through a simple framework for success

Originally aired:
26 August 2021


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