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Revisit your brand growth levers
COVID-19 has dramatically altered the ways consumers favour and choose brands. Brands that have reassessed their growth levers, becoming more digital, local and human-centric for example, have been able to grow exponentially.

In such a dynamic context, traditional approaches fall short on capturing low signals to identify valuable growth levers. Kantar developed an approach that enables marketers to identify brand growth levers in a granular way, building on emerging trends and allowing brands to differentiate themselves to adapt and stay competitive in a new landscape.

This approach allows marketers to revisit their pre-pandemic brand architecture, and identify which dimensions to leverage to reinforce the brand through key activators such as communication, innovation and experience.

This webinar will explain our approach in detail and provide examples of what successful brands are doing to adapt and stay competitive in a new landscape.

If you have any questions about the webinar please contact us from frida.wentzel@kantar.com

Originally aired:
15 June 2021


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