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Reboot your CX understanding to supercharge growth
Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) were amongst the few sectors to see increased usage during the pandemic.

Join our global CX experts for a thought-provoking webinar to find out…

• how winning brands such as Apple, Netflix and T-Mobile are evolving to better meet people’s needs
• where network service providers are doing the exact opposite of what consumers want
• which experience touchpoints are surprisingly important to today’s handheld device customers
• what experiences streaming media customers are willing to pay more for
• where TMT sectors are missing a CX beat and who tops the CX+ leader boards

We fuse pre-pandemic insights from CX+ 2020 with an understanding of the rapidly changing COVID-19 customer landscape to inform future CX strategy.

Join us to discover this and much more from across TMT to help your brand gain the Experience Advantage.

About CX+
CX+ is the only sector-specific study that analyses customer centricity holistically and pinpoints how to close the gap between customer experience and brand promise. It is informed by research in 17 countries, across over 1,300 brands and feedback from more than 100,000 people.


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