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How sustainability is driving growth in the Middle East
“The good thing is that next to our moral obligations to address the global challenges, it is also an enormous business opportunity. Sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do, it is essential to drive business growth.”
Paul Polman, Former CEO Unilever & Chairman WBCSD

Imagine a world where brands and businesses solve society’s biggest issues, and in return consumers choose those companies more often, creating a virtuous circle and ecosystem where all players’ roles are valued and both business and society thrive. Now, tap into the opportunity to make this a reality in the Middle East, where there’s a will to live more sustainably but a gap for brands to guide the way…

Our data shows that the sustainability agenda is closely linked to brand value growth, making it a huge commercial opportunity that makes good business sense – it’s no longer about ticking the CSR box. To future proof, brands must align their business strategy and brand purpose with issues consumers care about. Find out how consumers in the Middle East are responding to sustainability, and how brands can weave this into their brand story.

Join Kantar’s sustainability experts for our webinar where we will share inspiration and practical advice on sustainable transformation as a priority for brands in the Middle East, from finding the perfect alignment for your brand purpose, to excelling at sustainable innovation and communication, and measuring the impact on corporate reputation, brand equity and sales.

Find out more about:
- The link between sustainability, brand resilience and growth
- What sustainability means for consumers in the Middle East (it’s more than just the environment)
- How to navigate the emotional world of sustainability in advertising


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