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Africa Life. Your compass towards growth on the continent
Hello Africa! Tell me how you're doing?

Africa Life

When optimism meets resilience, creativity meets culture and ambition meets tech, well… the conditions for growth are created for businesses and people!

Tech is redefining how people live, consume, and do business; creating immense new opportunities in the patchwork continent and bubbling ecosystem that is Africa. New values are emerging, enabling people in Africa to beat the odds in a world where everything is in flux.

Connection. Creativity. Culture. Creation. The 4Cs that are redefining what being African means and projecting intriguing African horizons. Where is Africa going? Our 2021 Africa Life study addresses exactly this question, uncovering key trends from the continent, gathered from more than 3,500 conversations with consumers from Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.

Originally aired:
14 October 2021


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