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War and Inflation Impact Barometer (Central and Eastern Europe Regional Webinar)
When was there last such a large-scale war in the middle of Europe? How many years has it been since people have seriously discussed the probability of a nuclear strike, world hunger and the collapse of the world’s economy?

Humanity is facing a catastrophe that has changed the world. Businesses are simultaneously thinking about preserving income and leaving the entire CEE region.

- What do we know about price sensitivity and brand communication in these “uncertain” times?
- Is there any indication that the lessons learned from Covid-19 are relevant in this situation?
- How confident are you in what you are doing?
- Has there ever been a time when access to information was more crucial to your brand?

Join Anna Shakhdinarian, Account Director at Kantar Czech Republic, to find out about findings from War and Inflation Impact Barometer, a unique regional research study across Central and Eastern Europe countries on customers’ behaviour in the current times. We want to share our knowledge and give you more details regarding customers’ feelings and behaviours, so you can find the right path and be aware of the main trends to survive and grow in this brave new world.


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