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How the new era of analytics can unlock superior marketing effectiveness
Are you getting the desired return from your marketing investments? How can you adapt your media and marketing strategies to optimise investments that deliver results with smaller budgets?
Brands matter now more than ever, and it’s never been more important for marketers to ensure brand relevance, drive cost and media efficiencies. But how and where do you deploy your budget as you navigate the world as it stands today? How should you prioritise and reallocate investment into what’s working hardest to get higher return on lower spend? How can you successfully embed marketing effectiveness to drive competitive advantage?
Join our webinar on Thursday 28 January from 11 am – 12 pm where we discuss these questions and more – helping you to make better holistic decisions and ensure your marketing investment will align with and deliver short and long-term success for your brand.
Kent Diepraam, Director Analytics at Kantar, will answer these key questions and highlight how the power of data and analytics can help you make informed business decisions:
- Balancing short-term and long-term goals – between performance-driven marketing and brand-building objectives
- How can I forecast the demand for my category over the next 6 months?
- How do I uncover these emerging trends?
- How best can they be used as opportunities by advertisers?
The convergence of unique human understanding and business expertise, coupled with innovative data and technology solutions, allows us to better predict consumer behaviour, giving brands the confidence to make bold and complex decisions and optimise their priorities for growth.

Originally aired:
28 January 2021


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