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Navigating retail in inflationary times
While we are still in the early stages of rising inflation, it is already affecting the global value of FMCG. During the last year we have seen a drop in volume almost everywhere across the globe. For retailers and manufacturers, it might feel like there are fewer opportunities to seduce shoppers while frequency is slow to recover. But how are shoppers really coping with inflation? Which categories are winning and which are feeling the crunch? What is the impact on channel evolution?

Join us to find out:
- How are consumers responding to inflation?
- Are we experiencing a reset in terms of retail dynamics?

Our Retail & Shopper experts Stéphane Roger and Ricardo Oie will look beyond the headlines and use analysis of 36 countries representing 52% of GDP to answer these questions. They will draw on this data to provide a forecast for global retail in the coming months.

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