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Eating and drinking habits after COVID-19: What will stay and what will go?
Has COVID-19 changed consumers’ eating and drinking habits across the world for good? Will consumer choices ever return to pre-COVID-19 levels?

By analysing our continuous consumer usage panels we can see the key drivers of consumer changes over the last year. Join us to hear how COVID-19 has accelerated long-term trends around:

• Snacking and enjoyment
• Managed health vs Wellbeing
• Savoury breakfasts
• Meal delivery as the latest level of convenience

Our experts Nuria Moreno, Global Out-of-home & Usage director, and Javier Sanchez, Global Out-of-Home & Usage Manager, will identify how brands and retailers can leverage the opportunity appearing as lockdown eases around the world.

Originally aired:
8 July 2021


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