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Creativity in the time of corona
Creativity in the time of corona
A Pakistan creative learning session

Has COVID-19 changed the rules of creative engagement? Creativity loves a crisis and indeed some of the most creative solutions and innovations have come about because of a crisis. Has advertising kept up?

We know that emotional relevance and creative engagement in advertising are critical to business success. Kantar’s database shows that ads with creative impact, driven by branded, emotional engagement, have a much clearer relationship with in-market sales effects. Failing to get the key message across in ads is associated with a lower likelihood of a sales response – but this is dwarfed in comparison to the problems caused by failing to engage viewers.

While there is no recipe for success, there are some winning ingredients. Join our hour-long webinar on Tuesday, 30 March at 12 pm where our Pakistani experts discuss the five key trends that have shaped consumer behaviour in these times, what audiences want to see in ads, and the obstacles that hinder creative performance.

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Originally aired:
30 March 2021


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