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Trust in the news: How to address the challenges of misinformation and strengthen public resilience to the risks
As the world battles the ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 health crisis, who do the public trust to provide reliable information about the virus, vaccination and recovery? How can governments and other organisations address the risks resulting from the "infodemic"?
Governments and public organisations around the world face complex challenges in communicating information about COVID-19 to a public increasingly exposed to misinformation. For policymakers, it will be critical to understand how to strengthen public trust in communication about COVID-19 and improve the public's understanding of the risks of misinformation.
Our speakers will share findings and insights from:
• Research on the issues of public use and trust in the media and social media both before and during the pandemic
• Public opinion about fake news, disinformation and the impacts
• Research into the YouTube algorithm and impacts on public exposure to misinformation
• Practical actions to address misinformation and improve community engagement
• If you are unable to join this live webinar, you can still register, and we will send you the recording afterwards.
We look forward to welcoming you to this session, sharing our insights, and hearing your perspective on citizen trust.

Originally aired:
23 March 2021


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