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Under Pressure: What marketers need to know now for strategic planning
Social and economic challenges are plaguing people’s lives around the world. How can marketers respond to the evolving needs and behaviours this creates?

Don’t miss our webinar on Wednesday 30 November where we will provide the evidence to equip marketers with what they need to manage the choppy waters of consumer sentiment, inflation and possibly recessionary environments. We build on new findings from our Global Issues Barometer study and new analysis of Kantar data to help marketers prepare for 2023 with confidence.

We will address the challenges marketers face today – with evidence-based insights on how people are feeling and how they are likely to respond to marketing initiatives. Kantar experts will be available for a live Q&A at the end of the session.

Join our webinar to find out:
- How people are feeling and are behaving, and how this has changed
- How to price appropriately in inflationary times
- Why you should continue to invest in your brand
- What happens if you cut marketing spend
- Where you should focus your media investment
- How to get your creative messaging right


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Jane Ostler
EVP, Global Thought Leadership @Kantar
Sarah King
Senior Partner, Sustainable Transformation Practice @Kantar
J. Walker Smith
Knowledge Lead @Kantar