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Beauty Trends in Asia & China Beauty Brand Footprint: Uncover Beauty Shoppers’ Behaviour in the Age of Inflation
In the second year of the pandemic, we’re seeing Asian markets start to reopen and recover, while facing another challenge: inflation. Beauty shoppers across the region are being forced to confront the financial pressure they’re under in order to sustain their consumption of products in the category.

In these exclusive webinars, Kantar’s beauty experts from across Asia will share insights on how shoppers are living through the age of inflation, and where the most significant opportunities lie for beauty brands seeking to grow in the region.

They will also reveal the most-chosen beauty brands in China, according to Kantar’s Brand Footprint ranking, and how the lockdown imposed on Shanghai from April to May impacted the recovery of the beauty market.

In this webinar, we’ll take a detailed look at the current beauty landscape in Asia, including:

1. A birds-eye view of the macroeconomics
2. The impact of inflation by Asian markets
3. Beauty consumers’ priority in categories & how it is evolving now
4. How consumers react to premiumisation in beauty offers
5. Key brands & products leading the trend
6. China’s top-ranking beauty brands
7. The impact of COVID on China’s beauty market – in lockdown and recovery


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Erika Joh
Asia Beauty Sector Manager @Kantar, Worldpanel Division
Hwee Chung
Head of Beauty Sector, China @Kantar, Worldpanel Division